Budget Dorothy (pinkerdot) wrote in d_e_f_r_o_s_t,
Budget Dorothy


an email from a member of the sockheads yahoo! group
we were all recently swapping addresses to amateur recordings, and i offered up DEFROST's own.

From: "Happy Noodle Person"
To : "simply dot"
Subject : Re: [sockheads] [kinda OT] ... amateur recordings = rock!
Date : Thu, 6 Mar 2003 11:36:54 -0500

Scrub the baby down yo...

Not bad at all =D


tee hee hee...

anyways, more about the DEFROST Covert Candy Sale.

because we were low on the chocolate merchandise, sales were very, very slow today. brought $53.56 away from school today (a lot of it still a remainder from yesterday's sales), and went shopping again. i got both kinds of chocolate mixes and a box of reese's.

right now, i'm toting $67.99. once we sell all the candy we have on us (all the just-bought stuff plus the stuff sierra and i still have), we're looking at around$150.

my head hurts and i'm going to eat all this chocolate.
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