Adamn W. Fhqwhgads "BigAssFries" Little-Johnson (bigassfries) wrote in d_e_f_r_o_s_t,
Adamn W. Fhqwhgads "BigAssFries" Little-Johnson


Let's not stop at $150, now.

Let's say the amount of candy inventory we need to last a week costs $100. (Even though I know it's much higher.) Then every week we should buy $100 of candy, and shelve the rest of the cash in a specific collective place. That way, we will have enough candy to last us to next Saturday, and we will have a better idea of how much room we have for non-candy DEFROST purchases.

I think audio equipment (at least 2 mics and an audioboard, plus all hookups) should be bought first. We can manage with only guitar, vocals, and a drum machine until then.

Then, I think we can go with either a bass guitar or a new bass pedal from the real-life drum set. This is a choice of which you can't stand most: Having no bass melody or having no bass rhythm [the drum machine has loud treble.]) But also, the drum pedal is $20, where the bass and amp is $200, if we're lucky. That, and if we use a drum machine to record, we need an extra amp and extra hookups, and we've used up two more power outlets. But I guess that's just my humble drumming opinion...
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