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hello again, 'tis your humble quasi-bassist and vp of candy sales with the latest report on our DCCD.

we had disappointing sales on friday, so we had lots leftover and therefore did not require an over-the-weekend candy run. but today we sold out of lots of favourites, so i dragged on over to le S&F and picked up $38.62 in choice material (and i also got my own smart advantage card!) so here's the inventory

_ - more of the chocolate varieties (one of each kind)
_ - another box of 40 winterfresh, which should last us another two weeks or so
_ - a fruity pack that includes starburst (3 different kinds) and skittles (4 kinds)

we still have leftover reese's and starburst from last week's stock.

now about pricing the skittles. if we sell both starburst and skittles at 75 cents, we're looking at $11.50 fruitbox-profit. sierra mentioned that a uniform price would be most convenient, ie. selling everything but the gum for 75 cents. so long as the "customers" don't feel badly ripped off by our price (because i don't know how much they are at el student store), 75 cents is sound to me.

the figures are getting more and more annoying to post. so just know that i have $67 put away in rolls and bills, and will be carrying about $13 with me tomorrow in cash and coin.

EVERYONE! i am calling a meeting together for sometime this weekend.
we have to get all our money and candy together, then count-roll-divide-decide. any and all information regarding inventory, sales tips, spending priority (bring a copy of musician's friend if you have one), et cetera, must be brought with. location is likely the little house, and i'm thinking saturday afternoon or so. leave comments accordingly.
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