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canada: where marmosets can attack me!

here's the deal with battle of the bands, with which we are involved.
  • april 21-25 (the week after spring break)

  • two bands a day, five days, at lunch in mpr

  • bands get 8 minutes performing time -- original songs only!

  • we may be able to borrow mike's bass and the drum set from jon esquivel's band

  • basic PA/mic system will be provided by leadership

  • judges: williams, anderson, talley, bagdasarian, two students, two admin

  • criteria: crowd reaction, stage presence, originality, quality within genre

  • winners (top 3) play junefest</i>

overall, from what i can judge in that meeting, we will probably be most original. we need to take advantage of the next few weekends or early-out weekdays and as much of spring break as we can to totally rework "lukewarm" (which cam, dyl and i all agreed we would like to play) and possibly write a second song.

we needlots of feedback.

btw, the DCCD: we've got about $120 put away, with about $20 surplus for anticipating another candy run or helping out the "change-for-a-____" people.
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