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battle of the bands, et cetera

so i assume our opportunity is passed for the nhs battle of the bands since we pretty much blew off spring break. but even though leadership postponed it 'til next week, cameron and i already signed on to really focus on fair dinkum (with janina) this week... besides, no one else in defrost is really showing interest :shrug: anyone want in on fair dinkum who is fairly serious? we could use vocals and a rhythm guitarist (or a bassist, since i could switch to rhygui pretty easily).

so, um, support defrost members by checking out fair dinkum, because i think we're really going to have our shit together. i was thinking about maybe defrost working towards a mid-summer gig, or even something as early as the end of the year, but with a more realistic time-sensitive goal in mind maybe we'll do more than sit on our asses...

and in other defrost news, we're still going to do the candy sale i guess. i'll go after school on wednesday, pick up some more stash, and then get to selling. i will count the money up sometime today, in a fit of insomnia that i feel coming on. i'll present you guys with totals sometime soon, then.

and in the meantine...

post your financial concerns! where does the money need to go? post what YOU think we need (from dire to indulgent), and then sometime we'll assess all the priorities again.
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