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DEFROST - It has to do with Civil Rights!
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        DEFROST's conception was three years ago in the mind of Adam Johnson. Bored, he drew the logo on a computer in his computer repair class.
        "It would be cool," he told his friends, "to have a band named DEFROST."

        Almost a year passed, and nothing was done about this. (This is how most things go for Adam.) Then, one day, Aaron Downes got tired of Adam's bullshit and organized a ragtag group of musical misfits to create music with. He dragged Cole Miller and Cameron Cross to Dylan Little's house, and, armed with nothing but a tape recorder and a guitar missing three strings, the group pounded out eight tracks, culminating in the superlative "Scrub the Baby Down", now immortalized in video form here.

        Adam begged to be involved with the band, and around a month later, he got his wish. He met with the rest of the group, who recorded six tracks culminating in Cole Miller's celebrated and impromptu "Lukewarm." On August 31st, the group recorded "New Best Friend," the band's first attempt at a pre-written and rehearsed song. The song was later edited and mastered by Aaron on his computer. As good as this might have been, no one seemed to want to do anything else.

        Though DEFROST will never reclaim the magic of the first two improvised sessions, they still feel it necessary to try. Aaron, the only strong-willed member of the band, tried to call together another session, but unfortunately, Cole had quit the band. He was hastily replaced by girlfriends of two of the other members, Annah Inocente and Sierra Little (who do, in fact, hold their own as members of the band with or without the "girlfriend" title). This session amounted to little, as the songs produced were lackluster, and as the recordings were lost in the tides of time.

        So where did this leave DEFROST? Aaron Downes joined the U.S. Navy, and was never heard from again... Cole Miller has left and has rejoined the band myriad times. Cameron is always grounded by his parents, and was never heard from again... Dylan and Annah pursued musical ventures of other tastes, such as lounge. Adam spent his time trying to revamp the magic of the olden days by remixing and covering DEFROST songs with his computer, and Sierra mostly spent her time giving him her support and Coca-Cola Classic.

        Which takes us to the present. Another album is in the works, tentatively entitled "It Has To Do With Civil Rights — A Tribute to DEFROST," featuring covers and remixes by the people whom DEFROST has touched and inspired the most: the people who are in it. Still no word from Aaron or Cameron, though.

All the members of DEFROST except Aaron were eventually conscripted into the world of weblogs.
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